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birute kurtinaitiene   2008-04-11
were from you are? and what did You do in Lithuania?
vamzdynas   2009-11-25
Šaunūs darbai. Birute, internetas ne tik Lietuvoje yra.

Binish Kuruvilla


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  apie Pokalbiai...   2011 05 12 19:58
would love to see more of your photos, like the abstract aspect in your pictures !
  apie Monstrai 2   2011 05 12 19:57
nice toning, very mystical! good work :)
  apie Dancing ballet on your heart   2010 01 13 23:31
i so much can feel your infinite thoughts, the warm drink in your hands and the cold weather outside your window.
  apie Kad greičiau užaugtum   2010 01 12 21:34
brilliant work, so out of this world! feels like there is more than a holy trinity captured here.
  apie thoughts above water   2010 01 11 22:07
Vaiva- no editing done on this picture other than colour correction !