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Erika Veiverytė   2010-05-19
Adomas Svirskas   2009-07-12
Kay, welcome to the club! Please show us more of your work, good to have you here! Hamburg is a "media city", after all ;) Herzlich Willkommen!
no.5   2009-07-13
nice pictures, Kay - waiting for more :)
///   2009-07-14
welcome! :) i like ur photos :)
Ramune M.S.   2009-07-14
servus. nette fotos:))
mariox   2009-07-17
Nice stuff u got dude, glad 2 c u here ;)
.   2009-09-10
Inspiring works...! Some of them are just wonderful!!! Keep going, Kajus :)
Gerda!   2009-09-15
Nice galery, Kajus :)
Gytis Turčinskas   2009-10-11
You have great shots, last one "katrina" is very good IMHO. good luck!
Luce   2009-11-08
Hey, Grüße aus Düsseldorf :) Tolle Fotos.
Thomas Andrijauskas   2009-12-28
moin moin und gruß in den norden
Arnis   2010-03-20
Nice pictures mate
Marija Butkute   2010-03-21
Hello hello. :)
iGi   2010-09-08
i really like your portraits:)amazing! would be really nice to stand in ront of your lenses!
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Kristina Petrošių   2011-06-13
Nice pictures :)
Plati Sypsena   2011-06-15
Kajus, your galery is stunning! Absolutely beautiful portraits! What I like the most is the choice of the angles and expressions of the faces and bodies. Most of the photos really speak and speak a lot. Thank you and looking forward for new pics of yours.


Amžius: 28
Miestas: hamburgas
Bendrai apie mane: Laba diena!
...and that's about all I can say in Lithuanian.
But I am curious about this platform. So I signed up anyway.
I am still learning. So I appreciate honest feedback.
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  apie m.   2013 05 02 00:11
After at least 10 minutes of jumping on a trampolin, she finally took a break. Her hair was statically charged and I asked her how she felt...
  apie |   2011 12 27 18:26

ZERO points for stealing the picture.
  apie s.   2011 10 31 17:41
ok, i agree... i reduced the white empty space on the left. thanks for the feedback!
  apie žvilgsnis   2011 07 13 12:43
the bokeh is remarkable!
  apie k.   2011 06 17 00:25
/2. Maybe Georg W. ruined it for the band, too... =)